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Laserfiche Notification Agent

posted on October 17, 2014


I think a Laserfiche Notification Agent that runs in the background on your Windows PC and pops up with vital information would be a great addition to the Laserfiche suite.

I envisage such an app to do a few basic things to start with:

  • Configured with the user's own authentication details
  • Runs in the background
  • Monitors LF Business Processes and notifies the user when they are required to participate
  • Monitors LF Forms Processes and notifies the user when they are required to participate
  • Monitors WF and if an entry is routed to this user/group then notify the user
  • Have easy to access shortcuts/links to the relevant entry/form via the notification
  • Notification would slide up from the system tray...something similar
  • Notification Agent could display a number of outstanding notifications
  • Notify users when something has been completed (Import process, OCR process, Generate Pages, Business Process etc.)
  • Remind the user that a BP/Forms Task is reaching overdue status etc.
  • Use the Notification agent to send out a customised/manually triggered notification setup by the system administrator to inform users about system maintenance etc. eg. "Please logout within the next 10 minutes, LF server will be rebooted"


Having such an agent could mean less emails flying around, trying to notify users of tasks etc. I find that one has to be careful when use email as a method of communication/notification.

This also means users don't necessarily always have to be logged into Laserfiche to know if there is work to do.


If anyone else has ideas for features for such an agent, please feel free to add.




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replied on January 22, 2018 Show version history

Hi all,


I make my own notification's application. (Called it "Laserfiche Notification.exe").



This is a simple. The app lookup a window's folder.

Everytiming, the app check the folder.

You can configure it by left clicking on the icon.



When a file is created, the app will notify you using the file's name then destroy the file.



Using Workflow, now I can create my own message.



This is very basic but it's working for us.


You can download the exe here :

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replied on June 21, 2016

+1 on this discussion. It would turn Laserfiche immediately into a more definitive project management tool.

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replied on August 26, 2015

I do like the idea of the notifications agent but as a separate piece - bundling it will just force people to purchase something that is not useful to them.  In my office, my coworkers could definitely benefit from pop up notifications.  Several people have asked about this possibility.

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replied on October 17, 2014

Something like the new LF Forms InBox, where you can access all your complete and pending tasks?

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replied on October 18, 2014

Hi Connie,

Yes, this same notification from the Forms Inbox can also appear in the notification agent. This way, the user does not have to log into Forms to keep checking if there's new tasks in the Inbox.

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replied on October 17, 2014 Show version history

I really like this idea. I had a similar idea, but instead of a notification agent, having a dashboard in Web Access that would tie into Business Processes, Workflow, Forms, and custom SQL Server Reports that could come from any system.

Your idea would make it so a user would not have to have Web Access open and if the agent was set to open at start up of the machine, it could just auto-login for the user.

A combination of the two would be fantastic.

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