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Feature Request: Laserfiche Mobile "Offline Mode"

posted on October 1, 2014

I'd like to present a use case for an "offline mode" for Laserfiche Mobile.

Joe goes to 3 conferences every year and inevitably racks up receipts that need to be indexed. However, Joe's Laserfiche server is behind a firewall. He needs to VPN on his phone every time he wants to log in to Laserfiche Mobile. Unless he is VPNed, he can't log in to Laserfiche and take a photo, and fill out the template at the time he generates a new receipt.

Joe would like to be able to tap the Laserfiche mobile app and at the login screen, have an "Offline Mode" button. This would present Joe with a list of documents waiting to be uploaded to Laserfiche (similar to Google Drive's holding of images until you hit wifi mode). He can tap any of the documents and pre-apply templates and fields to them, which are cached from the last time he logged in to Laserfiche Mobile.

From here Joe can also take a new photo, which will proactively prompt him to fill out a template/apply a name. Joe's mobile server configuration has a "default folder" saved so that next time he logs in to Laserfiche Mobile, he can automatically submit all of the documents that are currently waiting to be uploaded.


This is useful for anyone who travels extensively, or is away from their network on a regular basis and needs to be able to take photos and fill out metadata right when they are thinking about it. Having them go back and do it later for a bunch of receipts (or Zoning violations, etc) at once is a painful prospect.

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replied on January 12, 2015

Hi Gareth! 

Thank you for your suggestion and explanation of your use case for this feature! The Laserfiche Mobile team has been working on this feature ever since you've brought this to our attention. If you are attending Empower 2015, the Laserfiche User Experience team would love for you to join us during the conference to check out this new feature in beta! 

We'll have a booth at the Information Center from Tuesday to Friday during the conference and would love to get your feedback! 



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