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Accessing a specific database record from LF Client

posted on September 23, 2014

Let me start this discussion with a picture. Hopefully the location is easily recognizable:



This is the metadata from an entry. Specifically, the links tab. This icon with the little "e" on it is a proprietary shortcut to our ERP (Tyler/Eden). I have used the Workflow script activity to create this file, and then link it to the corresponding entries in the LF Client. In some cases, I link it to a parent folder.


This allows me to open a corresponding record in our ERP database while browsing in the client. I use this ALL THE TIME and don't know how I used to live without it. 


If anyone out there has some interest in this, let me know and I can share the details. If you have something similar, please tell us about it!

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replied on September 23, 2014

There's a great use case for this on the Solution Exchange smiley :


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