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Are you a Tyler/Eden user? Check in, please!

posted on September 16, 2014

If you use Eden by Tyler Technologies as your ERP, please make an entry into this thread so we know who you are!


Do you use the Laserfiche integration piece?


I would love all of us to share shortcuts and cool things you have done to 'bridge the gap' between Eden and Laserfiche.


I have personally done many query laden workflows that pull data from Eden and add to the Eden templates. I have added extra fields, extra LinkID's and even added links to the Eden record as a Laserfiche linked document in the metadata.


What have you done? 


Let me know if I can help 'bridge the gap' for you too. 

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replied on September 16, 2014 Show version history

Good comment, Bonnie.


Can you tell me where they are not being displayed correctly? We use PDFs primarily and the only hangup is a slight delay in waiting for Laserfiche to download the file to the local machine. Not too bad, though.


Does the Laserfiche doc viewer open and then the electronic file (pdf) loads up?


Off the top of my head, I would make sure that you have the 'Opens with' set correctly in Options:


Forgive me if you have already checked on these things. 

What has your VAR found out about the issue?



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replied on February 2, 2015

I do realize that this post was quite a while ago... but then again I was never known for my timeliness.


We took this a step further and added the following attribute to the Everyone user's properties under the Laserfiche administration console.  This allows all new users to obtain the setting automatically unless they decide to manually override.

Hope this little tip helps you out.  

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replied on September 16, 2014

We do use Eden by Tyler Technologies.  We do use the Laserfiche integration.... but there are issues.  Seems that when we bring the docs in through Eden, if they are PDF they are not displayed correctly until we generate pages.  That's kind of tough to do if you are entering and trying to approve.... We have been trying to do work arounds but if you have suggestions please let me know.



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