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Future Distributed Computing Cluster Enhancements

asked on July 14, 2014

I like using DCC for general OCR with Workflow however I am curious if it will have some additional functionality in the next versions of both.  Specifically I am hoping the Workflow activity will:

  1. Allow us to choose which page(s) and/or page range to OCR, along with the current option to OCR all pages
    1. Useful to do text extraction on the first page of a 300 page document to determine the document type or pull an identifying number, without having to wait for the whole document to finish OCR'ing
  2. Have a "Wait for DCC to finish" option similar to the one in the Invoke Workflow activity
    1. Allows worklfow to perform other activities based on the extracted OCR'd text, such as assign document type or lookup values from extracted identifying number, without having to set a delay to keep checking to see when the OCR is completed
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replied on July 16, 2014

Thank you for your feedback. The DCC and Workflow teams are aware of these feature requests, and hope to add them in a future release. 

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