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Stick Notes Colors

asked on June 16, 2014

 Is there a setting in Laserfiche where you can administer the Sticky Notes color each department or user can use?

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replied on June 16, 2014

Hi Hedy,


While there isn't an administrative option to force specific departments to use specific colors, there are ways to accomplish this.  For example, rather than having users apply sticky notes directly to documents, you could have them enter their note in a metadata field, then have Workflow automatically determine the user's department, and place the text in an appropriately colored sticky note.  Alternatively, you could use a workflow that is launched when a document is annotated, and build a custom script that finds any sticky notes on the page and changes their color to the appropriate color for the department.


If this is an important feature to you, and the solutions outlined above just won't cut it, we'd love to hear more about the use case.

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