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Feature Request - Assign attributes to groups

asked on June 11, 2014

I would find it very useful to be able to assign attributes to groups instead of just Users or Everyone.


Repositories often contain different sets of documents for different groups of users.  Even if you have just a departmental repository, you may have cases where groups in that department access their own documents oblivious to other groups who access their own docs.


My initial use-case had to do with template fields in column headings, but I'm sure there are other settings which would apply to one set of users in a repository and not others.


Of course, there would be questions about which attributes apply when there are conflicting attributes.  I would assume that the attribute with the smallest scope would apply.  "Everyone" attributes would be superseded by group attributes which would be superseded by user attributes.



Assigning attributes is very useful - it helps with the user experience and with consistancy - especially coming from Version 7.  Adding the ability to assign to groups would increase that usefulness.



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replied on August 13, 2014

Hi Michael, see my post above. It's not so much that they were removed as that they never worked in the first place. We removed the attributes tab for all groups other than the everyone group to avoid sending the impression that attributes set to user assigned group are actually used/propagated.

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replied on June 11, 2014

I agree.  In fact I am surprised it is not there already. 

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replied on June 11, 2014 Show version history

This is an idea we've entertained before. However, the actual implementation is much easier said than done. One of the problems is that there are no good ways to resolve conflicts between attributes on different groups. Say you have a user who belongs to Group A and Group B that have different values for an attribute. Should a user who belongs to both groups use Group A's value or Groups B's?


For now, group attributes are there for use with integrations.

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replied on August 13, 2014

Have group attributes been removed? I have noticed that in the admin console version 9.0.2 the attributes tab is present, however, in version 9.1.1 (and even SP1 edition) I no longer see a tab for attributes for a group.

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replied on August 14, 2014

Thank you for the response. I had a client using the attributes as a means of working with an integration and now it is gone so that has caused some issues.

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replied on August 18, 2014 Show version history

Attributes for group accounts are supported on the server-side but LFAdmin no longer displays them. If you use an older version of LFAdmin you can view them.

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replied on October 3, 2014


We actually make use of this currently were we have assigned specified Actions that can be taken against or Users for a specific Group. using various tables including the trustees_attr table we then created a view which is referenced by dynamic fields and this works well for us. We are currently on 9.0.2 and looking to upgrade to 9.1.1 and I noticed this in the release notes. So for future changes this change is going to have some obstacles for us. And to keep an older version of the LF Admin console around just for maintenance some how does not sound like a proper solution.

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