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New Training Material: Quick Fields Tutorials

posted on April 15, 2014 Show version history

Want a Quick Fields Refresher? New to Quick Fields? Don't know where to start?


The User Education department at Laserfiche has been working on a new training program for Quick Fields. An introduction video, an introduction paper, and the first basic tutorial have been posted to the Laserfiche Support Site. Any feedback on these would be greatly appreciated so we can cater the rest of the tutorials to meet your needs!

Introduction to the Quick Fields Tutorials video

Introduction to the Quick Fields Tutorials paper

Quick Fields Tutorial 1: University Admission Applications


Note: This first tutorial is basic and walks you through how to build a session containing one document class. Intermediate and advanced tutorials (using more than one document class and advanced processes) are in the works!

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replied on November 7, 2018

Misty, These are fantastic!  Are there anymore since Tutorial 2, when I go to the download site all I get is PowerPoints, if there are anymore of the zip files containing projects that would be awesome!



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replied on November 7, 2018

Hi Rick,

I'm so glad it was helpful! Unfortunately, it's the only tutorial available at the moment. Rest assured another tutorial is on the to-do list. :)

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replied on November 28, 2018

That's great, could you post an update when it's available, Misty?  Would really appreciate it, thanks!

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replied on August 29, 2017


i am not able to access the tutorial from this link :


Error message:

404: Not Found

Oops! Looks like you tried to access a page that does not exist yet. Please try again at a later time or return to the home page by clicking here.



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replied on August 29, 2017 Show version history

We're looking into it.

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replied on December 10, 2015

Loved the 1st tutorial.  Am trying to import the briefcase for the 2nd tutorial and am stuck at 40%.  It won't go any further.  I imported the 1st tutorial briefcase without issue.  Any suggestions?  Am studying for my Quick Fields CPP test.  Thanks!  (I <3 Laserfiche!)

replied on February 15, 2015

Thank you for the feedback Nic! Stay tuned for more Quick Fields tutorials!

Workflow has some templates to help you get started. You can find them on the support site.

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replied on February 15, 2015

These are great, are there any similarly structured tutorials for workflow? 

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replied on July 23, 2014

Hope everyone is having a fun working through these Quick Fields tutorials. Any feedback is certainly welcome!


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replied on May 1, 2014

Hello all! Another basic Quick Fields tutorial is available for download on the Laserfiche Support Site.



Any feedback is welcome. Get to learning! wink

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replied on April 17, 2014 Show version history

Hi Anne,


Thank you so much for the feedback! Additional tutorials are in progress. Each one will add a little bit more than the last (another process, an advanced option, etc.). We wanted to release this first one and gather feedback before posting the next one. Let me know if there was anything specific that was hard to follow or if you think something else could have been added to make it easier. Again, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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replied on April 17, 2014

To Whom this May Concern,


I found this tutorial with accompanying documents very helpful.  I followed your detailed instructions and completed the exercises without any issues.  Thank you!


Is there a follow-up tutorial(s)?




Anne Austin


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