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Best practices for upgrading and moving Laserfiche to a new server

asked on March 13, 2014

My customer currently has Avante 8.3 running on Server 2003 and SQLExpress 2005.

He has built a new 2012 Server, on which we will install Laserfiche 9.1, SLExpress and move the repository.


As I see it we have to install new SQLExpress (from Laserfiche install package)

1. Detach the repository and the SQL database

2. De-activate the old Avante

3. Install new Avante and activate it (I don't think we can install without the license, which has to be de-activated from the old Avante)

4. Move the repository and database

5. Attach the repository and database


This all means a lot of down time for the customer.

What are the best practices for making this installation to minimise Laserfiche downtime?

Have I got the sequence right?

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replied on March 14, 2014

You can keep the old repository up in a read only state while the repository data is being copied.  This would allow for document access but no changes or additions.


  1. Create new Temp Read Only Group.
  2. Add all users to this group (now your entire repository is, in effect, read only)
  3. Copy repository folder and all volume folders to the new server.
  4. Back up DBs on old server and restore them to new server
  5. Deactivate old server
  6. Activate new server
  7. Register repository on new server
  8. Verify volume paths are correct on new server and fix any that need it
  9. Remove all users from the Temp Read only Group (restoring security to original state)


Please note that if you plan on the new server having the same name and IP as the old, you need to make those changes after deactivation and before activation.

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replied on March 19, 2014

In order to minimize Bert's read only window of time, we do put in advance folder synchronization (for instance SyncBackPro) between the old and new servers' repository and volume folders.

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replied on March 19, 2014

Burt, I think you have indicated that I can install Laserfiche on the new server while the old Laserfiche is still running.  Am I able to install the new Laserfiche with the license while the license is still activated on the old server?

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replied on April 1, 2014

You will not be able to install Laserfiche on the new server without first deactivating the old server using only a single license.

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