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Answers site updates: Revamped voting and new moderation tools

asked on March 7, 2014


We're delighted that so many of you are using the Answers site to ask questions and interact with the Laserfiche community. Today we updated the site with more moderator tools and a revamped voting system we think will make it easier to see the best replies to each question.


Here are some of the changes we made:

  • Users can now flag objectionable posts for moderator action. If you come across any posts you think violate our Code of Conduct, please flag them so a site moderator can take appropriate action.
  • Site moderators can now lock questions. Locked questions cannot be edited or responded to and are indicated by a padlock icon to the left of their title.
  • You can now down vote questions and replies you don't think are helpful. At this time, there is no reputation penalty associated with down-voting.


We're thrilled that you're asking questions and participating in the site. If another user has been kind enough to respond to your question with a helpful response, please take the time to vote up the reply. If a reply answers your question, please mark it as an answer.


Thanks for using Laserfiche Answers! As you use these new features, please let us know how you feel about them. Like them or not, we want to know!

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replied on March 7, 2014

You may want to change the tooltip for the flag instead of having it just say "Flag".

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replied on March 7, 2014

Thanks, Blake! We'll keep that in mind for the next round of updates.

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replied on July 15, 2014

If a reply answers your question, please mark it as an answer.


Seems not many people are doing this. Perhaps we can vote for the answer and the highest vote sits at the top? (pending approval from Laserfiche)

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