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Feature Request: Assign User Task to a Group

asked on February 27, 2014

Currently with the User Task in Forms you can only assign that task to a user. It would be very beneficial if we could supply a group name for the task. In our situation by allowing a group to be assigned to the task instead of a specific user, when a new principal or secretary is hired to replace someone, we would not have to go back into the BP and make changes for the new employee. Since we are pulling users and groups from AD and IT is already making the change, we would not have to make changes to the workflow.

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replied on February 17, 2022

With Forms 11 Update 2(, you can add AD group to team and the users in the AD group will be automatically synchronized so the users from the AD group can participant in the team such as take team tasks.

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replied on February 27, 2014

Multiple people have requested this feature and I agree that it would be useful!


As a workaround for now, you can do a database look-up to find the domain account of the current principal or secretary, store that in a hidden field, and use that field's variable in the user task. This would make it a bit more dynamic.


I hope this helps!

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replied on April 11, 2014

Ege, are you able to tell me if this is on the roadmap for Forms 9.2? Whether or not this will be included will have an affect on how our Active Directory is setup. If you are also able to tell me if assigning participant users to a group will be included, that will have a big affect on license purchasing. Thanks.

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replied on October 15, 2014

Have had a quick look at forms 9.2 and doesn't appear to be included yet.

Hopefully soon as this feature will reduce changes to forms when staff change.


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replied on March 31, 2015

Have there been any updates about when this feature will be release?

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replied on April 14, 2015

Hi Brandon,

Will it work for you if the members in group need to be added as individual users instead of AD group?

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replied on April 15, 2015

Abbey, for us if they can be added using an AD group that would preferred since IT is already managing AD groups and it would be one less thing to worry about. Similar to how it works in Laserfiche Admin console.

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replied on April 15, 2015

Abbey, Blake's solution is the one I prefer as well.

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