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Feature Request: Additional Configuration Options for User Task

asked on February 27, 2014 Show version history


 When configuring a User Task it would be useful if the following options were available.


Multi-All Step
Assign the document to multiple users or a group of users. Each user would see the document in their My Tasks list until one of the users takes action on it. After action has been taken, the document would move on in the process and be removed from the My Tasks list for all users.



Will assign to a single user from a list of multiple users. The document is automatically assigned by the system to the user having the least number of assignments.



Document is placed in a Queue at first. Users are then assigned to work items that have been placed in the queue. When a user selects the document it would remove the oldest document from the queue and place on that users My Task page.



Will assign the document to multiple users. Each user must vote "Yes" or "No". A completion percentage is specified when configuring the step. Based on the voting results and the specified percentage the document will be sent to a "No" or "Yes" path. The step could be set to wait for all votes or automatically route when the percentage has been met.


Another idea for the Multi-Vote would be a Percentage Gateway. It would provide branching of a step based on responses from users as a percentage.


If any of these are already possible and I am just unaware of them, please let me know.

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replied on February 27, 2014

The Multi-All Step behavior does work in Forms. The other options seem useful; we'll consider adding them in a future release. Thanks, Blake!

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replied on March 14, 2014

Can you give instructions or a screenshot of how the setup for a Multi-All step would be setup?

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replied on March 14, 2014

You'd just assign multiple participants for the user task:



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replied on August 5, 2015

The queuing would be great. I have users stepping on each other because when a task is assigned to multiple users it does not get removed from the other peoples task list until finished. So users will select the oldest task and that could already being worked but they can not tell without asking.

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replied on March 24, 2017

Has there been any further discussion about adding the Multi-Vote option?

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replied on March 24, 2017

I'll chime in on multi-vote, which would be really useful. Basically, being able to dynamically assign the task to multiple people, and require all (or a percentage) of them to make their decision. Right now, user tasks are really only geared at a single approver, which makes building the model difficult if numerous people can/should be included in the review process.

For example, I have a process that has 25 potential reviewers, selected in an earlier step by a user. I need to be able to assign tasks to each of the 3-10 reviewers for a given review. I explain this in a little more detail in this other thread.

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replied on October 11, 2017

Just chiming in on this as well - Multi-Vote would be very useful.  Otherwise I might have to hack it together, and it might not be so pretty...


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replied on May 16

Please get this feature....

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