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How come my older Kofax Capture stations won't start after upgrading the Laserfiche client on the same PC?

asked on February 21, 2014

Laserfiche 9.x upgrade permanently breaks older Kofax Capture functionality on the same box.


Just a warning that if you have an older LF client on a PC that is also on an older Kofax Capture client, when you upgrade the LF client to 9.x, it will permanently break the Kofax functionality (except the VRS drivers, which will still work).


There is a shared DLL that both Kofax and LF use, to handle network calls on behalf of a non-shared Kofax DLL (PFcaptur.dll), and the shared DLL gets removed or changed in the new LF 9.x uninstall/upgrade process (without warning). The error references the Kofax non-shared DLL (not the shared DLL that Laserfiche overwrites, and both Kofax and Laserfiche depend upon), and so the mentioned Kofax-only non-shared DLL remains in place in the 32-bit Program Files Capture 'server\bin' folder, and all Registry pointers remain valid and in-place, confounding the troubleshooter. There are a few issues on the Kofax website that include a portion of this error, but then additionally include much more specific error information (the message in this scenario does not, and is largely unrelated to those issues).


Uninstalling Laserfiche (and the MS-Hotfix, if that was included as part of the install) will accordingly, not remedy the problem.


Raymond Cruz of Laserfiche support recommended trying the Kofax VRS-Test or VC-Demo program, which continues to work (it is only used for testing scanner drivers, and does no communications), and so he advises that the problem is therefore not caused by Laserfiche, but is a coincidental Kofax issue. However, no Kofax Capture applications (Admin, Batch Manager, Scan, Validation) will start anymore. This occurred on multiple older-Kofax/newer-Laserfiche clients, but only the ones where Laserfiche had just been upgraded, and occurred within seconds of the upgrade: the other older-Laserfiche/older-Kofax  PC clients continued to function normally.


The official recommendation was to upgrade the Kofax scanner drivers, otherwise contact Kofax support and advise them that there is an issue with their Kofax software.


My recommendation is to have those clients not uninstall their old Laserfiche client, but do have those clients instead use Web Access instead of the Laserfiche thick client.


It should also be possible to save the functioning version of that shared library and backup its registry references, and then restore them both afterwards, but because no one would provide any details as to the occurring specifics, and because poring over the event viewer and cross-referencing to the concerned lines in the uninstall/install logs takes more time than may be available, the easiest solution is to just switch to Web Access.


If you encounter this in the field, this may save you some time and grief, because you won't receive any support on this issue. My thanks to the customer that figured much of this out.

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replied on February 21, 2014 Show version history

There isn't enough information at this point to make the claim that upgrading to Laserfiche 9 is affecting these Kofax components from running properly, specifically with an issue accessing %PROGRAMFILES%\Kofax\CaptureSS\ServLib\Bin\PFcaptur.dll.


Can you provide the information you have about this shared/non-shared file? I'm not clear on what you mean by that. From what I can find, this is purely a Kofax dll and you mentioned that the file isn't actually touched by the Laserfiche upgrade.


You mentioned in the support case that the exact error you're getting is

Error loading User Profile COM object: PFCaptur.dll


It seems that this is a fairly common Kofax issue as I found sites like


If the information from those sites don't help, then you may need to contact Kofax Support to find out what may have happened to get that error to occur. Then once that's been determined, you can update your support case and we can investigate if Laserfiche is behind the root cause of the matter.


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replied on June 26, 2014

Any update on this? I too have now ran across this issue where scanning using the full client does not work but scanning using the web client works just fine.

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replied on June 27, 2014

Like Alex said above, there is not enough information to troubleshoot. PFCaptur.dll is not a Laserfiche file, and it is not being installed with or modified by Laserfiche Scanning.


Laserfiche Scanning is the same whether launched from the Client or Web Access, the only things that are different are the connection to the server. But it would behave the same as far as the scanning part goes. Please have your reseller open a case with Tech Support if you would like us to help you troubleshoot further.

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replied on July 24, 2014

I'm having similar issue after upgrading LF to 9 on older Kofax workstation. But, if I log into the repository as Admin and not use Windows Authentication, then it works. But maybe it works because it had to go through the scanner setup again. The error the users gets when logged in and trying to scan is: "Object referenced not set to an instance of an object."  The scanner is a Fujitsu Fi-6130 and works just fine outside of LF using native TWAIN and Wia drivers. Also, as I said, it works for other users on same workstation, so it seems like there is something corrupted in the user LF scanning profile. If there is such a thing. I can go into more detail regarding what I've tried so far, but I'll wait to see who responds first. Thanks.

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replied on July 24, 2014

Gary,  try checking to make sure a volume is set.  If the volume is not set, you will get that error.

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replied on April 14, 2015

How are you releasing the scanned documents and metadata from Kofax Capture to Laserfiche?  Did you custom write your release script or does Laserfiche provide one that you filled in the details?

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replied on April 17, 2015

So only Kofax was broken in this scenario or Twain stopped working with LF scanning as well?

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