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Does Laserfiche have a birthday?

asked on January 31, 2014

Does Laserfiche have an official birthday, or at least a month in 1987 when the company was founded? I'm sure Melissa H knows but I want to use LF Answers b/c it's so cool cool.



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replied on February 3, 2014 Show version history

My understanding is that the 1987 date refers to the release of the first version of a Laserfiche document management product.  I think getting a precise day would be difficult, since a software release is an extended process.  If you think back to our release of Laserfiche 9.0, there are a lot of dates you could choose: when development/QA released the disks to manufacturing, when it was posted for download, when its availability was announced in an email newsletter, etc.  Of course the details of the process would have been different in 1987, but there would have been a similar series of steps.

Once you've decided which event should be commemorated as a birthday, then you're left tracking down the date for that.  I think it would take a lot of digging, but I'd love to know if you find out more.

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replied on January 31, 2014 Show version history

It will be actually cool to have the "Like" button here.. :) 

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replied on February 18, 2014

Likes This!

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replied on July 9, 2014


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replied on January 31, 2014

LF answers is definitely cool..!!!

I love the fact that instead of checking my FB at work.. I spend that time on LF Answers! laugh

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replied on September 24, 2014

Pick a date already (no one will dispute it) and order a cake with the appropriate number of candles.  No one disputes cake either.

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replied on April 30, 2014

Laserfiche is wonderful I love it smiley

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replied on October 20, 2014

According to the Secretary of State of California, Compulink Management Center, DBA Laserfiche articles of incorporation were file 4/2/1976, so that is it's birthday. It was Merged out 3/30/1987.

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