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Quick Fields error when session is run by agent

asked on January 31, 2014 Show version history

I have been getting an error when running QF sessions in the Agent.  Running directly in QuickFields the error does not show up.  The error doesn't really seem to affect how the sessions run (pages still store successfully).  But the status in the Schedules list always shows "Error" which may hide real errors in processing.


QF Version (applied latest hotfix)


The sessions were created originally in QF 8.0, the errors have been occuring for quite some time in QF 8 and now in QF9.


Anyone else been seeing this behavior?

Error Text Below:

<Error Time="01/31/2014 19:03:12" Type="NullReferenceException" Message="Object reference not set to an instance of an object.">
  <HelpLink />
  <Trace>   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.Runtime.Revision.FieldValueTransaction.PrintTransactionDetails(ISessionItem sessionItem)
   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.Runtime.Revision.RevisionProcessor.PostProcessFieldChangedEvent(DateTime startTime, ISessionItem sessionItem, FieldChangedEvent fieldEvent, Boolean hadProcesses)
   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.Runtime.Revision.RevisionProcessor.ProcessDocumentProcessed(IDocument document, BPItemDesigner designer, DocumentClass context, RevisionProcessCollection revisionProcessCollection)
   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.Runtime.Revision.RevisionProcessor.ProcessDocumentProcessed(IDocument document, BPItemDesigner itemDesigner, DocumentClass context)
   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.Runtime.Revision.RevisionProcessor.ProcessRevisionItemProcessed(ISessionItem item, BPItemDesigner itemDesigner, DocumentClass context)
   at Laserfiche.QuickFields.Runtime.QFSessionProcessor.EndCurrentDocument()</Trace>


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replied on February 4, 2014

Hey Bryce,


I actually had one of the lead Quick Fields developers take a look at this, and he doesn't have enough information to determine what the cause would be yet.  If you open a Support case, we'll get it fixed for you.  Thanks!

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replied on February 4, 2014

I think I will be onsite with this customer on Thursday and Friday of this week, so I may be opening a case then.  Thanks for looking into this!

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replied on February 9, 2014

Has someone found a solution for this issue?

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replied on March 26, 2016

one of my customer also reported me same issue ? any hot-fix for this issue.




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replied on February 4, 2014

Hi Bryce,


Sorry for the slow response!  I'm not really sure what might cause this problem.  We've seen similar things in the past, but usually an update to the latest hotfix will solve the problem.  I think it's likely that this is a result of the move from Quick Fields 8 to 9, but couldn't say with any certainty.  I'll have the developers take a look at this for you, and see if they've got any ideas.  In the meantime, if you're concerned about it, you can go ahead and open a Support case, as this is definitely unexpected behavior.

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