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Is there a way to search the recycle bin other than scrolling?

asked on January 29, 2014

As an administrator it is very difficult to search the recycle bin.  Are there any plans to enhance the LF search feature so that it can query the recycle bin.  What about the ability to add customer specific template fields to the recycle bin columns.

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replied on January 30, 2014

Blake is correct, search is currently unavailable in the Recycle Bin. I have noted your feature requests:


  1. Support search in the recycle bin
  2. Support customizing columns in recycle bin


Thank you for your feedback, and we will keep you posted if these features make it into the next release.

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replied on January 30, 2014

Currently I believe that is the only way to search the Recycle Bin. It would be a nice feature if you could perform a Folder search and specify the Recycle Bin though.

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replied on January 30, 2014

For version 9 at least, in the Administration Console under "Recycle Bin\Global" there is a "Perform Search" task to run a regular expression based search. This only highlights the search results for you though.

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replied on January 30, 2014



You pose an interesting question.  If Laserfiche comes back and says there is not enough interest in that feature or that it might take a while to get it into production would you be willing to purchase an Administrative add-on that would give you the kind of features you are asking for?  The reason I am asking is that I am a Laserfiche PDP and these types of integrations are exactly the types of add-ons that I am looking to develop.


If you don't feel comfortable with posting an answer in the public forum you are welcome to PM me at



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