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Failed to register the Laserfiche repository: The user account name or password is incorrect. [9010]

asked on January 15, 2014

 I suffered mightily with this today in Forms 9.1


Apparently it worked when I removed all non-alphanumeric passwords in the username. I know I was typing correct passwords, but it didn't like either @ or ! symbols.


If someone can verify this, I'd love to leave it up here for others to not trip over!

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replied on January 22, 2014

Forms doesn't care that type of password to register the Laserfiche repository. I am able to register with password containing "@" and "!". Please double check the password is correct.

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replied on January 22, 2014

When you get the error message, please check the event viewer for any detail information. If it doesn't help please open a support case, we will look into it.



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replied on October 27, 2014

Make sure that the Windows system clocks on the domain are properly synchronized,or reinstall LF

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