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HP Data Protector software compatibility with Laserfiche

asked on January 5, 2014

One of our client wants to know if the HP Data Protector (Backup software) is compatible with Laserfiche 8.2 or not.

As HP mentioned, this software Zero Downtime Backup leverages array-based solutions to offload processing from the server and perform backup operations on a copy of the production data. HP Data Protector Instant Recovery retrieves data from the replicated images on disk for recovery to specific points in time.

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replied on January 7, 2014

Laserfiche should be compatible with any backup software that allows you to backup .mdf files, .ldf files, and the volumes.  I suggest reading through the Designing a Laserfiche Backup and Recovery Plan whitepaper.  This should provide you with many details regarding the best practices for a backup plan and might be able to give you more insight on the requirements of a compatible backup software.

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