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Can Workflow call a QuickFields session to run?

asked on December 20, 2013

I need to setup many tasks that are synchronised between Workflow and QuickFields.  The Customer has QuickFields Agent.  I am looking for a way that a Workflow can tell a QuickFields session to start running if a specific condition is present.


Is there a way to perform this?

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replied on December 20, 2013

Daniel, you cannot have it start a specific session, but if you have the QF Agent you could have Workflow dump the necessary files into a folder that the QF Agent is monitoring and it would then process those documents according to it's schedule. Hope that helps.

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replied on January 27, 2020

So it's the year 2020, are we there yet for this now? smiley Thanks

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replied on December 20, 2013



I know that's something I've asked for too though! 


If you have too many different sessions, they take a long time to cycle through since firing up each session takes a certain amount of time just to shut down because there isn't anything there. Having this ability would be nice. 

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replied on December 20, 2013

I have asked for this as well and can confirm its currently not possible.


Another thing i have asked for is the ability for a Quick Fields session to start a different session when finished, so i could cascade sessions.

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replied on January 4, 2022

Yeah is there any plan to allow workflow or forms to kick off a specific QF session based on token/variables? Thanks! 

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