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In a Laserfiche SaaS model, how does WebDav authenticate?

asked on December 9, 2013 Show version history

Can Laserfiche trustee account authenticate WebDav to access the repository from a remote machine?



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replied on December 9, 2013

It depends on the WebDAV client.  It would need to support "basic authentication" in order for the user to authenticate as anything other than a domain account.  See this DevNotes page for more details.

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replied on December 10, 2013

This question relates to using WebDav from a cloud services that doesn't run on a Microsoft platform. Possibly running under Apache server, can Laserfiche authenticate a user from such setup?

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replied on December 10, 2013

I don't think this changes the answer, it's still up to the WebDAV client to support basic authentication.  If you want to add more details to your original question or clarify how you think the cloud plays into it maybe I can give a more helpful answer.

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