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LF Plus - Processing Speed Issues

asked on November 22, 2013 Show version history

We use LF Plus regularly in our organization, and it takes an extremely long time to publish even a small amount of documents.  I was hoping somebody could shed some light on exactly where most of the processing is taking place during the publishing process, so that we can try to identify if/where there are any bottlenecks that are holding us up.


As a test, we attempted to publish 27 documents (a few hundred individual pages), totaling about 400 MB.  It took over 30 minutes to publish, which seems excessively long.  While it was running through the “Exporting Briefcase” stage of publishing (which took a long time), we did some performance monitoring on both the pc running Plus, and on the server, and neither of them were showing much activity, so I don’t think resources on either machine are the issue.


Are there any recommended system specs for LF Plus?  We are desperate for a way to speed this process up (it’s common for it to take several days for us to publish a Plus volume).  I don’t think throwing more RAM or processing power at the workstation will help, because neither of those areas spiked while Plus was running.  Maybe a solid state hard drive?  Have other users reported this issue?


Thank you!


Michael Rizzo

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replied on April 3, 2014

I believe that the core issue is that the Volume Export takes forever and a day, and has since V8. And it does take forever.


That said, we have a client that may hold the world record for size and time for a published volume.  125GB, and it took over two weeks of continuous running. We are really glad the power stayed up.

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replied on November 23, 2013

A couple questions:


1) I assume you are using the latest version of Plus since it's a few years out, but just to confirm - that has some direct performance increases that could be related to this.


2) Are you publishing directly to removable media? That is going to slow I/O operations down significantly. Publishing to a local drive first and then copying that over to removable media is going to be better.


3) Bandwidth between the Client and Server applications may also be relevant given the amount of data being pulled between them. You could try publishing from the Server machine as a test and see if there's a noticable difference. Antivirus interactions could similiarly significantly slow down data transfer.


4) Have you tried just export a briefcase of those 27 documents manually through the Client instance? Is that much quicker? If so do you have other processing options enabled in Plus such as generating portable volumes or burning redactions?

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