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Laserfiche Plus Optimal Configuration

asked on November 6, 2013

What is the optimal PC/Server configuration for Laserfiche Plus?  Is it better to run it on a server or client?

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replied on November 7, 2013

Hi Ken,


Laserfiche Plus is definitely best run from a client machine.  If it were installed on the server, your users would need to be working on that server in order to use the software, which could result in a variety of potential problems.

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replied on November 11, 2013

Thanks Brett.  What would be the optimal hardware config for the PC assuming Plus is being used to publish fairly large repositories?  More RAM? Faster Processor? Both?

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replied on November 21, 2013

Brett,  Any additional thoughts on the optimal hardware config for the PC per my question above from 11/11?

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