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LF Forms Login Page

asked on August 30, 2013


How can i block external access to the Forms Login Page (i.e. 

http://xx.yy.zz.ww/Forms/Account/LogOn?returnUrl=%2fForms) without affecting the Form Process or internal user login. ?




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replied on September 4, 2013

Yes, but for security purpose the customer want to block access to this page.

Thanks for your response, but we solved this issue by creating an inbound blocking rule from the IIS ARR that blocks any URL matching the pattern *Forms/Account/LogOn*




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replied on September 3, 2013

I'm not really sure what you're asking here.  Isn't your internal Forms server behind the company firewall?

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replied on October 31, 2013

Wont that really only block the login page? If you want to block everything, just have forms installed on an internal network server that would not have any firewall connection to the outside network. Then the only way to connect is internally on the network or via VPN into the local network. 

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replied on November 13, 2013

Hi Kenneth,


There is a Microsoft article for setting up IP-based restrictions on websites:


You could implicitly allow only the internal domain, subnet or computer, for example.



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