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best practices for adding pages to existing documents

asked on May 14, 2013 Show version history

Good morning,


I’ve been getting this question from users.


They have a file within Laserfiche and want to add additional pages to the document from outside of Laserfiche.


Once the file is within Laserfiche they can drag and drop between the files.


Is there a simple way the user could add the file from outside Laserfiche to the existing file in the system?

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replied on May 15, 2013 Show version history


There are definitely ways to do that, but the ideal method will depend a bit on the type of documents they're working with.  If they're working with physical documents that are being scanned in, it may be easiest for them to open up the existing document in the repository, and click on the Scanning button in the toolbar.  This will allow them to scan directly into the document itself.  If these are not physical copies, it's still possible to combine them automatically, but things get a little trickier because you'll need some way to identify the two files as being linked.
If you're able to ensure that the files have the same name, you can use Quick Fields' Document Class Settings menu to append or prepend pages to the original document.  If you can't guarantee that the documents have the same name, or if you're perhaps adding the documents to the repository via Snapshot, your best bet will be Workflow.  You'll need to include some sort of metadata on the new document that matches the metadata on the original document.  Once it hits the repository, you can have a Workflow that searches Laserfiche for the original file, and then moves the pages from the new file to the old one.
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replied on March 3, 2014

My original question was ... can a user append a PDF document with new pages from another PDF document?  Will this process work to resolve that need?

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replied on March 3, 2014

If you're asking if you can modify the PDF, then you would open PDFs in their native application, not Laserfiche. So, if that application allows you to do that, then yes.

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replied on March 3, 2014

Are you saying that standard Acrobat is capable of allowing a user to add pages to an existing document?  I was not aware that this was possible without Adobe Pro.

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replied on March 12, 2014 Show version history

We are new to Laserfiche so I've been trying to review the Q & A when I'm trying something new.  Yesterday I was successful in finding out how to append documents already in LF; I was able to test and confirm appending both .tif files and .pdf and now I have the procedures all typed up and organized to train the users.  We have Adobe X Pro so for the .pdf files, we can just Check out the doc, add pages, and check the doc back into LF.  

OR for .pdf you can right click on the document; select Open; select Edit Electronic File; this will open Adobe, scan additional pages, save, close, 


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replied on March 31, 2014

We also have the need to do this. We open the document by right-clicking in Laserfiche and selecting Open ->Edit Electronic File. We use Adobe Acrobat X to add pages from another PDF file. We do not check out the file in Laserfiche when we do this. It is important to note, however, that the Laserfiche pages already generated will no longer match the PDF unless you answer "Yes" when prompted to do so on the save of the file or if you click the button to Generate pages afterward.

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