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Understanding the Workflow activity Generate URL use web client settings

posted on July 9 Show version history

There is an option in the activity to Generate URLs that says if the entry is an electronic document, then use the web client settings.

So when you read more about this setting, it has a hyperlink

The hyperlink takes you to this instruction

But we don't see Document Viewer under Options. These are the only options categories.

Everyone eventually lands on the Display tab (shown below) and assumes this is the right place, which it is not. With testing we find that these settings apply to the DocView.aspx website and not the ElectronicFile.aspx which is the aspx file we are working with when generating these types of URLs.

The breaking point is the missing Document Viewer category in the current version of Web Client, currently this environment is on 11.1.2212.409

So now we are just clicking around making assumptions as to which settings it is using.

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replied on July 10 Show version history

Always good to sanity check the documentation links if something doesn't match up. In this case, it sent you to a version 9 docs page (which is on us; we clearly missed updating that link to the v11 docs):

Note the "webhelp/webaccess/9.0/" vs the "/laserfiche.documentation/11/userguide/" or "/laserfiche.documentation/11/administration/" all current version documentation users.

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replied two days ago Show version history

There's more than just the version number. I was just suggesting looking at that part of the URL as a way to sanity check the version the docs were for.

The online docs are now hosted at*   rather than and the rest of the URI structure is different too. E.g.:


That said, in the course of asking internally about getting those v9 doc URLs updated, I was informed that the Workflow Generate URL settings are based on Web Client v9 URL parameters. Which Web Client 11 "has made a mess of redirecting". So those doc links are "correct". I don't have a good answer for you for what to do here. We're looking into it.

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replied two days ago

Got it. This confusion is what leads to users assuming that Display > Viewing is the right place to find your settings for opening documents from a generated URL. But when they set their settings there, it does not work for them.

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replied on July 9 Show version history


Thanks for your post. We will go through this document and update it if there is any outdated content.

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