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user permissions are randomly changing

asked on July 8

When adjusting user and group permissions on the web app for self hosted Laserfiche, the permissions will change for objects that I did not set permissions for.  


IE, I set the security on a specific template for one user to be able to adjust that template.  Instead of only having access to that template, I found that same user with the same permissions on multiple other templates that I didn't set them on. 


Is this something wrong with the way that I'm setting permissions or is this a bug/problem with the Laserfiche software?

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replied on July 9

There is one part of metadata security that can be a little confusing, and that is that field security is independent of template security. The field table in the lower section of the template security pane is a convenient way to work with the fields of the current template, but you are modifying the field security the same as if you went directly to the field or from another template. There isn't a way to have different rights on a field based on the template, but it's an easy misunderstanding of what the UI is letting you do there.

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replied on July 8

Hi Joshua,

Is this something wrong with the way that I'm setting permissions

Honestly, almost certainly. When we get questions like this, the most common root cause is typically "permissions inheritance behaved (correctly) in a way I didn't expect it to". It's the old quote "The good news about computers is that they do what you tell them to do. The bad news is that they do what you tell them to do." in action.

Most places where you can set/view permissions have an "Effective Permissions" section that shows the calculated permissions for a user or group, and in some cases where exactly those permissions are coming from. I'd start there. If you think you'd benefit from some learning resources on Laserfiche repository permissions, I'd be happy to point you towards those.

You can also reach out to your Solution Provider and ask for a second pair of eyes. 

I'm not aware of any open bugs with the Laserfiche software that would cause permissions to be set incorrectly in this manner. Though it's not impossible, the permissions model is extremely battle tested across the entire customer base and hasn't changed much in the last decade. Odds are 99.95%+ this is a configuration issue of some sort. 


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