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When Using Forms To Create Approval Is There Need To Create Approve or Deny Fields

asked on June 13

Can someone please help clarify this.
I recently created a form to automate the process of reviewing a document for approval. A form multi-line field will hold the content of the letter and then it can then be submitted for review and approval.

In the form, I created 3 radio fields to manage Approval, Revert and Reject.

But when I started with the modeler, I discovered that there is a Submit, Approve and Cancel Button that can be attached to the form. Long story short, I was using both and the form worked perfectly before it occurred to me that the approver does not have to be checking approval field and then clicking the approval button on the form. So I hid the ones I created in the form and started using the ones that comes with forms. and the form has been working without any glitch. 

So my question is, in using forms to manage approvals, is it even necessary in the first place to create the approval fields at all? And now that I have the approval fields hidden, is there any downside to it all? Just a bit apprehensive. Am Laserfiche On Prem

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you



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replied on June 13

The main use case of using approval fields as opposed to the approval buttons is if you want to perform business logic in field rules when those actions are to take place. For example:

  • Approve: Allow expected form behavior
  • Reject: Show and/or require a comment box prior to rejection of the form
  • Cancel: Remove required state on some/all fields 


When you only have the action buttons you cannot easily perform any action on the form before submission because the user already clicked the button. It would feel weird to click a button and then have a new form field pop up that I need to fill in. The key differences are in the process designer when you need to determine which flow to take based on the previous action. Using the fields you need to set your conditions to use the field instead of 'Last User Action' which uses the button labels.

A middle ground I have seen before is actually a combination of the two where the user selects the field to determine which action button is shown. This way there is congruence between what is shown on the button and what the users intended actions are. Its a small change but some end users do prefer a green button that says approve and not a gray button that says submit.

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replied on June 14

Thank you so much. That clarifies quite a lot.

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