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"Too Many Requests" error after not clearing API search calls

asked on June 13

I'm using the Cloud API to make searches and it was all working, but it appears you need to delete your search results after the calls or they will stack up and eventually throw a "Too Many Requests - 429" error.  I've updated my WF to include the correct delete call, but now I simply can't make any search calls because their all cached.  There appears to be no place to cancel or delete these requests (Since my WF wasn't tracking the Task ID) and no place to just cancel everything.

Is there a place where you can delete tasks or cancel all tasks or anything?  If not, how long will things be locked up for as this is part of an ongoing process which is not functioning until the searches are released.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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replied on June 20

You can view all Tasks by hitting the Tasks API endpoint:

[GET] /repository/v2/Repositories/<Repository ID>/Tasks


You can then delete a task or tasks by using the [DELETE] verb for the same endpoint.

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