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Feature Enhancement - Forms Data Sources

asked on June 12

On the forms administration page, it shows the Data Sources which are the SQL databases used for lookups. For us, most of these SQL databases have many tables used for lookups.

It would be even more helpful if I could select the data source (SQL database) and then have it display the tables used from that database and which processes are using them.

This will help us maintain our SQL databases, in that if we want to delete a process, we know that the table is no longer used. Or if we need to identify which process is using a particular table in the database, it would be easier to do than reviewing each process/form's lookups that is now displayed to find if the table is used there.


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replied on June 16

Hi Craig,

Thanks for sharing this idea, but let's wait to see if more votes on this feature then consider working on it.

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replied on June 17

It would also be great if when configuring the data source you could choose which tables, views, or stored procedures should be used with the data source. Some data sources are quite large and giving end users too many options can be confusing for them.

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