asked on June 10

I have a Form that is triggering a Workflow, where sporadically the Workflow gets stuck and thus never responds back to Forms.  As of now, they are sitting there indefinitely until I intervene (e.g. Retry, Interrupt, Skip).  I am working to fix this Workflow issue but see it at multiple customers where server reboots/network outages cause the Workflows that are in progress to not properly respond to Forms.  Is there a way to set a timeout on how long Forms will wait (e.g. 10 minutes, 4 hours, 2 days, ...) before it just continues forward?  If not, this is definitely a feature I want to request on each Workflow Service Task activity where we choose "Yes" to Wait for the workflow to finish before proceeding?, we are given the following options:

  1. How long to wait for Workflow to respond
  2. What to do if no response is received in that time frame (Retry, Interrupt, Skip)
  3. If retrying, how many times to retry
  4. After X amount of retries, what to do (Interrupt, Skip)
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