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Using Workflow to manage LFDS Group members

asked on June 10

I have a process that looks up tasks assigned to certain employees in SQL and allows them to update those tasks in Forms. I have a Workflow that manually assigns the list to those that have tasks assigned to them weekly, but I've gotten a request to allow them to manually start the process as well. I thought about creating a LFDS group to assign Submitter access to that Forms process, but I'd like to automate group membership so I don't have to manually update the access list weekly. I can't find any pre-built Workflow tasks to manage LFDS group membership, so I thought I'd ask the hivemind for solutions. All ideas appreciated!

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replied on June 10

LFDS has an API and I believe the documentation is available as part of the SDK download.

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The LFDS API library is called "LicenseManagerObjects" or "LMO". Useful search terms here.


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