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Get user's LFDS group membership

asked on June 10

Hi is it possible to get the users LFDS group membership from with API, SDK or via the database direcly?



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replied on June 10

This Laserfiche Answers article may contain the information you need.

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replied on June 12

Hey Karl,

I saw your reply on the other post, but I'm unsure you'll get a reply there given that it's an old post. I have a few questions before I can point you in the right direction:

  1. When you say LFDS group membership, are you referring to the section where you can specify things like whether a user is also a Forms User, or are you looking for something like the user security properties report, where it returns all repository group associations?
  2. What kind of accounts are you attempting to audit? Windows, LFDS, or LDAP accounts?

This should hopefully narrow it down enough for me to provide a better response.



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replied on June 13

Hi, my end result is to get all *users*, and what LFDS group(s) they belong to.


I hope this makes sense.

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