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Is there A Way To Add Javascript In The New Form Designer or A Workaround That Works

asked on June 8

Hello Everyone,

I have been looking for a way to add a simple Javscript to reload a field on the form to no avail. Can anyone please help out.



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replied on June 8

Are you looking to repopulate a form field after it was submitted?

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replied on June 13

Thanks Angela. Yes actually. Sorry this is coming late. Got under the weather. Yes. I have a read-only field set to Current User. My intention is to use that field to display or hide another field based on who is the current user but the current user does not change after the form is submitted and reloaded. I have a script used by someone that solved this problem.

Also, I'd like to use javascript to populate a fieldlist  with a list of Users. But nowhere to add javascript  in the new form user or a work around that works.

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