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HTML thousand separator for Email

asked on June 7


I have a case where an email is sent out explaining the payment plan selected.  I have the email being sent by forms once the form is submitted and accepted.  Is there a way to have these variables have the thousand separator?  It would have to be in HTML as using Javascript or CSS is not possible for emails.

Thank you for your insight!

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HTML is really just "content" so there's nothing you can do with pure HTML that would add the comma separators to the content (i.e., generally speaking, HTML is the content layer, CSS is the style layer, and JavaScript is the functionality layer).

You might want to consider sending the emails via Workflow. You can pull the required information in with Retrieve Business Process Variables, and Workflow has token formatting options that would allow you to format the content with the comma separators.

It's important to note that the source token value must be numeric, so you should add the $ with the formatting; including it in the source value will cause it to be "text" so it wouldn't apply numeric formatting.

Token Formatting--Numeric (


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replied on June 10


Thank you for the suggestion.  It appears this is my only option - hopefully our business manager doesn't mind that they cannot see this step nor edit the email template themselves. I appreciate your insight!

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