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Laserfiche Document Page Count Mismatch

asked on June 7


Does some one happen to know when we would see different page counts at the top and bottom for a Laserfiche document? 


This is what I see in the bottom right:


This is what I see at the top of the document:

I am not quite sure why there is that difference in one page. I am trying to better understand this. 


Thank you for helping.

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replied on June 7

From the second screenshot it looks like the document is a PDF with 879 pages. The first is a screenshot of the desktop client's page viewer indicating there are 878 image or text pages (can't tell from just the page count what type of pages you're looking at).

This can happen if the electronic portion of the document was modified after generating image or text pages. It can also happen if a user deleted one of the image/text pages.

There's not enough information to determine what happened, just that you are looking at 2 separate components of the document (the electronic portion versus image/text pages).

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