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Importing a Word Document into the Repository Changes the Original Format

asked on May 15

One of our clients has reported issues with saving a Word document to the Repository using the Laserfiche Office integration. When importing a Word document, the formatting of the original document gets changed. i.e., the first page of the document is now on 2 pages.  It looks like it's adding a double line to the header even though there is no header in the original document.


They are on version 11.0.2305.274 of the Windows Client. 


Any suggestions to resolve the formatting issues are appreciated. 



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replied on May 15

I cannot replicate using a simple .docx, Word 365, Windows Client 11.0.2305.274, and Laserfiche Office Integration 11.0.2212.483.

I first use Laserfiche Office Integration Word ribbon to save the docx to Laserfiche 11 repository and then download it from Windows Client.

The binary size of the downloaded .docx is slightly different on download but when comparing using  Word->Review->Compare yield no differences.

If needed open a support case.

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