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LF Cloud - How to easily save Outlook Email and Attachments in TIFF format

asked on May 14

We are using Laserfiche Cloud, and we store everything in TIFF format, and we are using on prem Exchange 2016/Outlook 2019.  

I've checked LF Answers and tested different methods and can't come up with a user-friendly solution. 

Wondering what the easiest and quick way is to move a folder of email in .msg format with attachments to Laserfiche Cloud in TIFF format?  Snapshot works for single emails but the feedback is that it is too time consuming to print each email, and it is giving us trouble with authentication (I'll post separately about that).  We need to figure out a way to make it easier for our end users.

I tried to bulk convert the folder to PDF to import into LF Cloud, but that isn't a quick or easy process either, especially when there are multiple attachements in different formats attached to the email.

Hoping that someone has a solution?

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replied on May 20

Hi Jen,


Email Archive can import email with tiff file to cloud repo, but the email in repository is saved as .eml format instead of .msg format. If it is acceptable, Email Archie online help is here.




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