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How long is a form saved as draft in Laserfiche 10

asked on April 2

I have an end user asking me how long their draft is saved.  I am using Forms 10.  


This also raises the question for me, as administrator, is there a way for me to monitor what forms are sitting in draft status?  I'd like to be able to remind people they are there if they've sat there a long time.



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replied on April 2 Show version history

Sorry - but the ability to monitor drafts from the Monitor page wasn't added until Laserfiche Forms 11 Update 2 (

If you are on at least version 10.4 then you should have the Data Maintenance page (  I don't know whether or not the option to "Remove private drafts and task drafts saved by authenticated users after set number of days" option was included at the initial release of the Data Maintenance page on 10.4 or if it came in a later release.

Nope - sorry - I found some other information that indicated the option on the Data Maintenance page to remove drafts was also part of the Forms 11 Update 2 release.

For these (and very many other) reasons, I recommend upgrading if you can.

I believe prior to that functionality, they were saved indefinitely.

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