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TIFF Preview

asked on April 2

Hi, I have recently run a Workflow to change .1 types to .tiff type, however the file can be open correctly, but there is no preview.


Is there something that I missed in the extension change that prevents the preview?



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replied on April 10

For some reason, when adding the reference for version 11 of Laserfiche.DocumentServices, after you add it, you must close out of the Script Editor and come back in.  Then remove the incorrect version and re add the correct version.

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replied on April 2

How exactly are you changing the extension?

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replied on April 2

Hi I used the SDK  through a workflow, loop through all the mis-filed .1 documents and changed them to .doc, .xls, .tiff etc

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replied on April 2

Right, but what code are you using? It's difficult to determine what might be going wrong without knowing the specific steps you are using to make the change.

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replied on April 2

The code


        protected override void Execute()
            string mimeType = GetTokenValue ("FileExtension").ToString();
            DocumentInfo di=(DocumentInfo)this.BoundEntryInfo;
            int yourEntryID = di.Id;
            //string x = di.GetFieldValue("Extension").ToString();

            //DocumentInfo docInfo = new DocumentInfo(yourEntryID, RASession);
            di.Extension = mimeType;
            //docInfo.MimeType= "application/";

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replied on April 2 Show version history

The issue you may be having is that TIFF is the native format for pages in a Laserfiche document, but the Extension property is for Electronic Documents attached to the Laserfiche entry.

Something like a docx, xlsx, or pdf document would have the corresponding file extension for that electronic document.

However, a document with TIFF pages is the native format and would not have an extension set unless there was a separate electronic document attached.

That being said, it really depends on how the documents were imported in the first place because if they were imported with the wrong file extension that could've prevented it from generating the pages properly.

Native Document with TIFF pages

Electronic Document

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replied on April 9

Hi thanks, is there anyway this data can be fixed either through the database or via workflow / sdk?



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replied on April 9

You should be able to "Generate Pages" through the Desktop Client, and then remove the electronic file.

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replied on April 9 Show version history

If you're on a relatively recent version and you have a Distributed Computing Cluster server configured, you can generate pages for PDF documents with the Schedule PDF Page Generation workflow activity.

To remove the electronic file, you can either use an SDK script in workflow or just move the generated pages into a new entry.

If you don't have a DCC server, the only other way aside from manually generating pages in the client or reimporting them, would be Quick Fields.

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replied on April 9

Jason, they are not talking about converting PDFs.  They have TIFF images that where brought into the repository as electronic files and they need them converted to LF pages.

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replied on April 9

You're right, I forgot about that part.

I think you could still use Quick Fields, SDK scripts, or something more elaborate like exporting and reimporting with Import Agent.

If the electronic file is already in a valid tiff format, then an SDK script may be the best approach.

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replied on April 9 Show version history

This can be done with a workflow script.  Ensure that in your SDKScript activity you add a reference to the Laserfiche.DocumentServices DLL that matches the same version as the scripts Laserfiche.RepositoryAccess  and add the Imports statement at the top of the script.

        Protected Overrides Sub Execute()
            'Write your code here. The BoundEntryInfo property will access the entry, RASession will get the Repository Access session
            If BoundEntryInfo.EntryType = EntryType.Document Then
                Using Doc As DocumentInfo = DirectCast(BoundEntryInfo, DocumentInfo)
                    ' Only Export if it has Electronic TIFF
                    If Doc.IsElectronicDocument Then
                        IF Doc.Extension.ToLower() = "tiff" Or Doc.Extension.ToLower() = "tif" Then
                            ' Create new Document Exporter
                            Dim DX As DocumentExporter = New DocumentExporter()
                            ' Create MemoryStream to hold the Exported document
                            Using ms As System.IO.MemoryStream = New System.IO.MemoryStream()
                                ' Export electronic document to memorystream
                                DX.ExportElecDoc(Doc, ms)
                                If ms IsNot Nothing Then
                                    ' Create Document Imported
                                    Dim DI As DocumentImporter = New DocumentImporter()
                                    DI.Document = Doc
                                    ' Write file to LF Document
                                    ' Remove the Electronic File from the document
                                End If
                            End Using
                        End If
                    End If
                End Using
            End If
        End Sub


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replied on April 10

Hi under details it says version, and directory service is 4.0.10_2 & 4.0.10_4, and even tried an 11, but get the followeing error

Warning    1    Assuming assembly reference 'Laserfiche.RepositoryAccess, Version=, 
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=3f98b3eaee6c16a6' 
matches 'Laserfiche.RepositoryAccess, Version=, 
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=3f98b3eaee6c16a6', you may need to supply runtime policy                
Fix FIle Extension


thanks again

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replied on April 10

For some reason, when adding the reference for version 11 of Laserfiche.DocumentServices, after you add it, you must close out of the Script Editor and come back in.  Then remove the incorrect version and re add the correct version.

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replied on April 10

thanks .save works great, and I can compile the WF SDK, I will look to see which one suits my needs as there could be a large number of TIF files I need to sort, many thanks.


Also, the .Save worked a treat too, thanks

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replied on April 10

On a side note I have had a look at SDK outside of workflow, and got this partly working


 RepositoryRegistration repository = new RepositoryRegistration(serverName, repoName);
                using (Session session = new Session())
                    session.LogIn(username, password, repository);
                    // Create a document under the root folder
                    DocumentInfo docInfo = new DocumentInfo(session);
                    // add a page to the new document
                    FolderInfo rootFolder = Folder.GetRootFolder(session);
                    docInfo.Create(rootFolder, "Created By Document Builder", EntryNameOption.AutoRename);
                    docInfo.SetTemplate("Client Document");

                    FieldValueCollection fvc = new FieldValueCollection();

                    fvc.Add("Subject", "");
                    fvc.Add("Document Date", "");
                    fvc.Add("Description", "Testing TIFF");
                    fvc.Add("Document Status", "");
                    fvc.Add("Send to Filing", "");
                    fvc.Add("Route to User", "");
                    fvc.Add("To", "");
                    fvc.Add("From", "");
                    fvc.Add("Attachment Name", "");
                    fvc.Add("CC", "");
                    fvc.Add("Client Document Sub Type", "Review");
                    fvc.Add("Client Document Type", "Compliance");
                    fvc.Add("Client Name: Document", "Pak Trust");
                    fvc.Add("Expiry Date", "");
                    fvc.Add("Original Filename", "");
                    fvc.Add("Original Filepath", "");
                    fvc.Add("Sent Date", "");
                    fvc.Add("Signed", "");
                    fvc.Add("User", "");
                    fvc.Add("Version Number", "");
                    fvc.Add("Client ID: Document", "E1002821");
                    fvc.Add("Previous System Last Modified Date", "");
                    fvc.Add("Document Number", "");
                    fvc.Add("iManage Doc Type", "");
                    fvc.Add("iManage Client Name", "");
                    fvc.Add("NAV Client Identifier", "");
                    fvc.Add("Migration Batch Ref", "FIX TIFF");


The preview is working however, then metadata is not being loaded and template not being set.


Is there an order to this?

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replied on April 10

After setting the field values, add line:



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replied on April 10

This worked a treat too, thanks

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