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Forms Minimum Date

asked on April 1

In the latest Modern Designer, is it possible to set the Minimum Date as the current date plus 1 day? I have seen the rule that allows it to be the current date. I need the end date on my form to be 1 day after the start date :)

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replied on April 2

If you are on Forms 11 Update 5 (Version 11.0.2311.50556) then you can add a second date field (which you can make hidden) that has a formula like this:   =TODAY()+1

Then on your main date field, use Field Rules to tell it to validate the field value as before or on the second field value.

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replied on April 2

If you are on cloud, you're in luck! This week we are pushing a new feature to solve this for you! Self-hosted will receive this later this year.

You will have one of three options for both minimum and maximum dates.

  1. A simple "Today" or "Tomorrow" that is determined on form load time
  2. A relative date from "Current Date", "Day after current date" (that is also determined on form load time), or a date from a process variable
  3. A specific date set to a process variable on form load time.
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