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Smaller screens - Display options - Required Date and Previous data or new lookup data displays an empty date field

asked on February 20 Show version history


I currently am running into an issue where a column that has data populated by a lookup rule displays a date field underneath.

On desktop, this doesn't occur. But, if I enter developer mode in Chrome, change it to any dimensions and run the lookup rule in the form, it displays the double date field. 

Inspecting the field, this is what is being generated:
<input class="fl-datetime-input-date ng-wrapper-invalid ng-wrapper-touched ng-touched ng-pristine ng-valid flatpickr-input flatpickr-mobile" tabindex="1" type="date" placeholder="MM/DD/YYYY">

Any idea on how to get it to stop doing this or why it's doing this?

It doesn't do it on all date fields and it's happening on the Android app version 2024.1.29

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replied on February 21

I think I have narrowed it down to the class: flatpickr-mobile that causes the duplicate. states to put 

    disableMobile: "true"

I've tried it enabling this but it does not work. Weirdest thing is that I have other date time fields in the form but they aren't being affected. 


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replied on February 21

The only workaround I have found is to go through Chrome, instead of the app, and make the tablet or device request desktop site:


Hope this helps anyone who runs into this issue and needs an alternative.


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