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Formatting tokens in cloud workflow

asked on February 10


I am trying to set up a workflow for a customer on cloud that goes through a folder of approved fire permits and moves any that are approved for the future to a rejected folder (this workflow is to be run if they have a fire ban and need to revoke permission on burns that have already been approved). I am saving the submissions by \Year\Month and cant figure out how to format a date token to get the year and month from the current date to use in the search.

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replied on February 11

You can't format the Token in the Search itself, but you can easily create a couple tokens to create the values to use in your search.

As the Top of your workflow Use Asign Token Values to create a Token for Month and Year

In each Token you can choose the Global Date field which will return the date the workflow is started.

Format the field bu Clicking on the Date field and the Token editor appears, choose Apply Formatting. For the year, entering yyyy will return the year portion of the date. For Month, entering MM return the Numeric Month (ie: 02 for February", or MMM returns the 3 letter abbreviation for the month (ie: Feb for February). You can then use these tokens in your search.

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replied on February 12

Are you saving the date they're approved for in a metadata field? It would be more efficient to look for all permits with a date past the current date than run multiple searches for each month of the year.

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