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Automate Assigning A Specific Tag To A Document When Open

asked on February 9


Can anyone please help?. I have created a Tag Watermark using the Username token to display the Username of a User on the document that User opens. Is there a way to automate this process such that anytime a User opens a document in the repository, the tag is automatically applied.

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replied on February 13

As @████████ says, using workflow will not work.  It sounds like what you want is a Group Watermark.

On the Everyone Group, open the properties and then go to the Watermarks tab.

Create the watermark as shown above.

Then go to Repository Options > Group Watermark and in the properties, go to the Watermark Header/Footer tab.

Add the Footer as shown above.

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replied on February 13

Thanks so much Bert. This is actually the solution. Worked perfectly.


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replied on February 12

Opening documents does not generate notifications to Workflow.

Why are tags needed when a document is opened? Wouldn't generating an audit report work as a way to present information on which documents were accessed?

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replied on February 13

Thank you Miruna. Actually we are looking at a standard practice where the Username of User will be watermarked on a document when that User opens a document. And as a way to ensure this happens when any or all Users open a document, we want a way to automate it. The watermark Tag allows you to do this but we now want to automate the process. I have searched the Workflow tools for any tool with On Open parameter... May be am missing something.

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