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The ports opened for Forms in a DMZ, are they UDP or TCP ?

asked on February 9

I am configuring Laserfiche Forms v11 in a DMZ. I provided the network administrator with the list of ports to open and they have asked if the ports are UDP or TCP. Their environment is locked down and all traffic crossing the firewall is designated as either UDP or TCP traffic. I have found this information for the SQL ports, but have not been able to locate it for the ports required by Forms/LFDS. I did find an article listing 5048/5049 as TCP, but then I found another that lists UDP.  Thanks.

Ports list KB used.



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replied on February 9

All referenced Forms DMZ traffic is TCP. The only UDP traffic I'm aware of in all of self-hosted Laserfiche software is when Laserfiche Server sends update notifications to clients on port 5051. It's possible that LFDS uses UDP for outbound communication for relicensing notifications in some scenarios but if even applicable that would be Forms receiving the UDP messages, not LFDS.

then I found another that lists UDP

Could you share the article you found that said LFDS 5048/5049 were UDP?

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