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Aspire Videos Should be 'free' without logging in?

asked on February 8

Hi All,


We were just discussing this internally, and I'm struggling to understand the logic behind why the 'free' videos are behind a login on Laserfiche Aspire. 


It's quite often where we get requests on the service desk relating to user training, i.e. 'How do I print from Laserfiche?', and it would be great to be able to send the user a link to an aspire video outlining how to do this (which incidentally there isn't a way to share video links currently either but that's a whole other story), without the inconvenience of having to register them on the LF support site.


Is this platform approach something that can be considered please?

Maybe something like a Laserfiche Training youtube channel might work?




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replied on February 8

Hi Chris,

Tutorial videos are also available on our Video Gallery page, as well as in the product documentation: self-hosted and Cloud

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replied on February 9

Thanks Joanna, 


This is really helpful, I was completely unaware this video gallery existed!

What would be really useful is a shortcut adding somewhere on the support home page maybe? (the current video tutorials link takes you to aspire, maybe this can be updated to video library instead)




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