asked on February 7

This morning I published a Laserfiche Form process that all of our users have been anticipating.  Within the first hour there were 120+ instances created for this one process. 

We started to get complaints from our users that when opening Forms (11.0.2212.30987) & WebClient  (11.0.2308.28) that the sessions were timing out or taking minutes to load.  Reviewing the URL that was showing in the browser they were to our LFDS server (11.0.2303.1978).

Reviewing the event logs on my LFDS server have many Warnings from ASP.NET 4.0.30319.0 (Event Code: 3005 - An unhandled exception has occurred) and Critical Errors from WebSTS (An error has occurred - STS.Core.Infrastructure.Exceptions.WebSTSException: An error has occurred ---> System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out).

Where would be the best place to increase my server's resources.  I currently have it sized according to the large configuration recommendations of 16 GB memory & 4 CPU.

We have 3600 named user licenses (1500 Full & 2100 Participant).  My LFDS is a separate VM, Forms & Web Client are on the same VM, and LFS, Workflow, & LFFTS are on another VM

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