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Feature Request: Forms Designer - Custom HTML Field

asked on January 30

I'd like to suggest a design enhancement to the Custom HTML Field.  I'm using Forms Professional Version 11.0.2311.50553.

Would it be possible to 'lock' the tool bar in the Custom HTLM Field?  When working with a long block of text the tool bar scrolls off and you have to scroll back up to unhide it so you can use a tool.

This is the tool bar I'm referring to:

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replied on February 1

Ooh ya, I can see how that can be annoying. The change looks trivial, I've added it to our backlog for the next release. ref# 507775

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replied on January 30 Show version history

Oh, I see the same thing.  The vertical height scrollbar is applied to the whole "frame" instead of just the content within the editor.

I would like to see that enhanced as well.

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replied on January 31


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replied on January 31

We've forwarded this to Dev for review.

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