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Windows KB5034129 Causing Issues with Forms "Save to Repository" and "Email"

asked on January 19

Hey all,


Is anybody experiencing this same issue? Since we installed the KB5034129 update on our server, Save to Repository and Email tasks in Forms are hanging.  Uninstalling that update fixes the issue.

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replied on January 19 Show version history

Is the Forms server running on Windows 2022? It seems to be an issue with the patch affecting all browsers.

Microsoft has not yet acknowledged it on the patch page, but the discussion threads indicate they have been working with customers to provide a workaround.

Forms would be affected on that OS because it tries to run a browser to generate the image or PDF version of the form for archival in Laserfiche. By default we run Chrome, though that is customizable. However, since all browsers are affected, changing to a different one won't help.

Update Jan 26, 2024: Microsoft has updated the patch's page with the known issue and a workaround:

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replied on January 26

Thanks for the update.  

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replied on February 5

Glad this issue was identified. Came a week late for us alas, would have saved us nearly 3 days of troubleshooting!

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