posted on December 18, 2023

Today, Dec 18th 2023, Laserfiche announces the End-of-Life for the Laserfiche Windows App. The Laserfiche Windows App runs on Windows devices, such as Windows 11 tablets, and is optimized for touch screens. It was built around the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) framework, recently deprecated by Microsoft. The last day to download Laserfiche Windows App from the Microsoft Store and Laserfiche Support Site is February 1st, 2024. This date also marks the end of software maintenance of the Laserfiche Windows App and point when Limited Technical Support will begin. We will continue to support the Laserfiche Windows App to the best of our abilities, but no new hotfixes or updates will be developed.  

In one year, on Dec 31st, 2024, Laserfiche will end the Limited Technical Support. No support services will be offered for the Laserfiche Windows App after this date, marking the End-of-life. 

This announcement only pertains to the Laserfiche Windows App for Windows devices. The Laserfiche Windows Client will continue to be developed and supported.  

Product Migration Options 

Customers using the Laserfiche Windows App might consider switching to the Laserfiche web client on their Windows device. We also offer the Laserfiche App for iOS and Android if an App with offline access is preferred but run on a different device. Laserfiche will continue to develop and support the Laserfiche Mobile App for iOS and Android. 


For More Information 

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