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Form Revisions Year-To-Year, Best Practice

asked on November 20

We have a multitude of online Forms for tax filling purposes, each with a separate business process and URL. We just went live at the start of 2023, so we have not yet had to consider the start of a new year. I am wondering what best practices would be for scenarios where the process remains the same, but a new starting form with new dates and verbiage changes are needed for the new year but accessibility still needed for the prior year?  So in any given year, we would want for the customer to be able to file for the current year or file late for the previous year. If we copy the business process and in the new one edit the starting form as needed, that process would have a new URL. Is there any way to copy the starting form within the business process and edit it and then there be a way within the business process for decisioning on which year's form is needed?

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replied on November 20 Show version history

Do you need to have different forms each year or would adding a dropdown field for them to select which Tax Year they are submitting for be sufficient? You could also use field rules to show or hide verbiage based on the year selected.

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replied on November 20

Could definitely look into setting up a SQL table of year and languages appropriate and set up the form to use the lookup to populate the form as applicable.

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